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The History of Pinnacle Design Studio, LLC

James Neil Hurster

Pinnacle Design Studio, LLC is owned and operated by James Neil Hurster. In addition to handling the duties of running a design business James is also the master designer for all web design, graphic design and audio/video production projects.

James Neil Hurster graduated from Missouri State University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Media and a minor in Marketing/Sales. After college James pursued the sales aspect of his educational background.

Though sales was a great learning experience for Mr. Hurster he decided to head in a direction where passion was more of a factor rather than stability. The risk would be worth it and as a result, Pinnacle Design Studio, LLC was formed.

Mass Media has undoubtedly changed since he graduated from Missouri State University in 1999 with a rapid thrust towards the ever popular and rapidly growing World Wide Web. As a result James saw an opportunity to take advantage of this technology by incorporating his media background by integrating it worldwide via the internet.

Mr. Hurster built his first website October 25, 2003. The site would become the beginning of his daily learning journey for website design and graphic design while also continuing the expansion of his video and audio knowledge foundation which he gained from his college media productions.

The passion that is exuded into his work eventually gained recognition from his fellow friends, business partners, and others around the St. Louis and St. Charles Missouri areas. These individuals would become the foundation for the decision to pursue his true dream of opening his own business. Mr. Hurster runs all operations out of his studio based in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Pinnacle Design Studio, LLC strives for excellence and customer satisfaction. Give Pinnacle Design Studio, LLC and James Hurster a try on your next web design, web redesign, graphic design or small video/audio production project.

Local & Nationwide Service

Pinnacle Design Studio, LLC is based in O'Fallon, Missouri but works with clients all over the St. Charles Missouri and St. Louis Missouri. In fact, most of our clients come from , St. Louis and other surrounding metro areas. Though we do most of our work in these areas, with technology so advanced these days, we have clients all over the nation.

Competitive Solutions

We can keep our prices very competitive compared to the larger St. Charles and St. Louis web design and graphic design firms due to the fact that we simply do not have the overhead expenses which makes our company a prime choice for your website design or graphic design needs. Many clients come to us after talking to the larger web design and graphic design companies with a false sense of what they are being offered. This is probably true with more than 50% of the people that come to us looking for web design services.


We educate on the field of web design as well as graphic design. Our knowledge comes from daily study with the extremely valuable online training video library from It is imperative that we do this in order to stay on top of our industry and our impressive web design and graphic design software applications from Adobe, Apple, and many more.

We know that knowledge is power so if we can share that knowledge with you than we feel we have done our job and can also make you aware of the unfortunate but inevitable scams that are very much apparent and growing in our technology based industry.

Industry Leading Design Software

Adobe's Creative Suite CS4 Master Collection is our most widely used web design and graphic design software suite while Apple's Final Cut Studio 2 is our preference for audio and video editing projects. If you would like to learn more about these applications and all of our software applications visit our resources page.

Customer Relationships For Life

At Pinnacle Design Studio, LLC, we pride ourselves on working with clients with whom we can build a long lasting relationship. We will admit that we are selective on our design projects and clients because we expect to create a win-win situation for every party involved. We do not start a project unless we are confident there is a great project idea and also a strong feeling that we can build a relationship with the client for life from the initial consultation. That is how we approach our company goal which is to be your design company for life!

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